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Front-End Editing

The future of WYSIWYG is here, our front-end editor allows you to make changes on your ACTUAL website. You can simply click on a paragraph, type your edits and save to update your website instantly.

We build it along with you

We setup your website as you personally walk us through with what you want in close collaboration. This partnership allows our expert web designers to bring to life your very own ideas and concepts. This gives you a website that’s not only functional but impressive as well.

Budget-friendly, fully-featured

Each Wyv plan is inclusive of web design, responsive layout, interactive maps, integrated contact form, and a content management system. Choose from among our feature-packed plans that are right for your budget.
And best of all, all plans are monthly, giving you the payment flexibility you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does wyv compare to DIY site builders and freelancers out there?
Using DIY website builders are definitely inexpensive, but they lack custom design features making it difficult for you to differentiate yourself from the competition. Freelance development may solve this problem, but committing freelancers to follow deadlines can be a bit of a hassle and after-sales support is almost none as you only pay for the job that gets done.

With Wyv, you get to combine the advantages of both DIY website builders and freelance developers while giving you the payment flexibility you need.

How do we add content to the website?

All plans go with a CMS (Content Management System) which will allow you to manage the contents of your website personally.

You also have an option to let us add new content for you for a fee.

Our own .com (domain) is included in your plans, can we also create personalized emails using our own .com?
Yes, we can setup your personalized emails for a fee, given that you are subscribed to an email hosting provider such as Gmail or Outlook. We can also recommend email providers that are affordable, depending on your budget. Their service fees vary and usually charge per user, per month.
Is logo design included in the web design?
No, but we can refer you to our partner design company, Paperclip Co.

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